Emma Rogers

Fitness has always been a big part of Coach Emma’s life – in school, playing just about any sport you can think of, then working in the fitness industry for the last six years. 


Emma worked as a personal trainer while studying Human Kinetics and Ergonomics at Rhodes University, South Africa. She then stumbled into, and fell head over heels for, CrossFit and has managed to turn that into a full-time career. She spent time coaching in Hong Kong, before returning to South Africa where she opened her own Affiliate. Through this experience, Emma realised just how important nutrition is; not just for performance, but for obtaining optimal health and wellbeing.


Over the last couple of years, Emma has taken a deep dive into nutrition as a tool to heal her body. She’s a huge believer in healing naturally and, where possible, using whole foods as ‘medicine’. She also has a particular interest in balancing hormones through nutrition, as well as optimising performance.  


As a Nutrition coach, Emma hopes to inspire others to fall in love with food and all the benefits of a balanced diet. She aims to provide clients with all the tools they need to develop healthy and sustainable habits that they can continue implementing for the rest of their lives. 


  • BSc Human Kinetics and Ergonomics and Organisational Psychology

  • Personal training certification 

  • CrossFit Level 2

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1

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